1 Kevorkians: Michael Coren Final Exit

Either that Cornhole goes, or I do!
Many things have surprised me in my first three years as an ordained Anglican cleric. The pain and joy; the suffering and sacrifice; the importance of the church in people’s lives, in a culture that insists organized religion is irrelevant. You learn, as it were, on the job. I’ve twice been asked to pray over people who were dying, and on both occasions the person passed within moments of my prayers.
— Rev. Michael Coren, Toronto Star, Apr. 15.


  1. Now compare with the truths of his (better) book-writing and still Jewish British cousin Alan Coren’s 20 books and Punch articles.
    Does M.C. still open his mouth in a horse’s sneer on Toronto’s TV screens?

  2. “Who are you, baldy? Why are you hovering me like that? Ah, for fuck’s sake..I’m dead and this is Hell, isn’t it?”

  3. And who are we to thank that Elizaveth May “studied theology at Saint Paul University for which she told the Anglican Journal in a 2013 interview that she had to withdraw from the program due to conflicting schedule demands”

  4. Read Coren in The Star many times. He’s actually very insightful, caring and almost silent on the God thing.

  5. Well, there’s an opening now at the Archbishop level, now that the previous holder has admitted to sexual improprieties with the natives whose souls he was supposed to be saving. It amazes me that the irrationality of organized religion persists in this day and age.

  6. I’m not sure this is the face I want to look at when I’m taking my last breath.

    • Or after…can you imagine waking up in Deadville with the guy in the picture asking you “Alright, Mister, what have you got to say for yourself…and you better make it good.”

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