Frank Survivor Sale!

So, farewell then, to my cousins at the original Frank Magazine, cancelled this month in a terrible loss for the Canadian satirical press, but a net plus for chickens everywhere.

We all mark this passing in our own way. “Rot in hell,” condoled Tim “Big Head” Bousquet of the Halifax Examiner. “I felt…nothing,” mourned Stephen Kimber, also in the Execrable.

I thank my colleagues for their kind thoughts at this difficult time. Mine are with them in turn, as they continue to struggle with having been so abjectly scooped by Frank’s ace Mountie-botherer, Paul Palango, on the Portapique massacre and the ensuing nosestretchers of Sgt. Goofy, et al.

Bereaved Atlantic Frank subscribers, my organ may be younger, funnier and better-looking than you’re used to, but we’re what’s left! Why not give us a try? Only $99.95 a year!

Don’t let this happen to, er, me! Get Frank today!

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  1. Self indulgent boilerplate from detractors..”Bousquet is responsible for fearless investigative reporting that makes a difference, and the Halifax Examiner continues that tradition. It is an independent, adversarial news site devoted to holding the powerful accountable. ”

    My usual response is, “Suuuurrre y’ah are.”

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