Our Cop$ Are Top$: Police intelligence?! Wat dat?!


2021 salary of OPS Sgt. Chris Kiez, author of a seven-page “intelligence report,” plagiarized in part from a Rex Murphy column, rating the Freedom Convoy  “a truly organic grassroots event that is gathering momentum largely from the widespread population.”

–Paul Rouleau, Emergencies Act Inquiry Commissioner, Feb. 17, 2023.


  1. Valet parking for the pig roasters. Selfies with religious fanatics and fascists. In Ottawa you really are better calling for help from a crack head.

  2. We would be foolish to assume that our paramilitary and military organizations have not been infiltrated by what must be called the “Irrationality Movement.” Their gloves are off and we haven’t even laced up our skates yet.

  3. Anyabody read the 2000 page (5 vols) Rouleau report?

    …Number of documents received by the Commission* 85,000
    Number of documents made available to the parties* 28,000
    Number of documents marked as exhibits* 8,900


  4. Under former chief Bordeleau’s tutelage there were 2 OPS cops using anonymous Twitter accounts.

    They were almost certainly the real deal as I PM’d them a couple times where they just knew too many inside details.

    Their timelines were full of Proud Boys, Quillette, Andy Ngo heel clicking content. They were also really keen on bringing down Bordeleau and ANTIFA.
    Both accounts disappeared from Twitter when Chief “Slowly” arrived.

    “There is never just one roach when you spot one in a kitchen”

  5. Quoted on page 132 Chapter 7 of Vol-2-Report-of-the-Public-Inquiry-into-the-2022-Public-Order-Emergency.pdf

    Several pages devoted to the appearance of bias in Sgt. Kiez’s testimony and “evidence”

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