The Manchurian Canadian


  1. The Glossover-General returns. Who you gonna call, anyway, when we need a respectable establishment member to make untidy things go away? All the same, he might wrap up the missing $300K from Karlheinz.

  2. Prediction: The special rapporteur’s hearings will be broadcast live with 5G streaming brought to you by Huawei. (And tech support from The Hon. Jean Charest.)

  3. Oh yeah. Manchurian Candidate references for those of us who remember when things were black and white both optically and politically.
    Now that we have David Johnston to play the faithful sidekick, how about Frank does the classic movie ‘Chinatown’?
    “Forget it, Justin. It’s Chinatown. No need for a public inquiry.”
    I figure you owe me one. You never did ‘Brokebank Transmountain’ while we still had Bill and Justin in the saddle.
    That would have been a real kneeslapper. Remember : comedy is just tragedy plus time. In the case of the Transmountain pipeline, also lots and lots of taxpayer money.

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