Raccoon kissed, euthanized

Iconic Wizard of Oz dog breed at risk of extinction: You’re not in Britain anymore, Toto
— June 17.

Escaped pet snake leads to temporary closure of eastbound LRT platform at Hurdman Station
— June 16.

Angler catches massive ‘prehistoric fish’
— June 14.

North America’s first known case of a rabid moose confirmed in western Alaska
— June 13.

For birds, wildfires pose a hazard — but also opportunity
— June 12.

Masai giraffe died in ‘tragic accident,’ Calgary Zoo says
— May 29.

A raccoon euthanized in Maine after woman brought it to pet store and other customers kissed it
— May 28.

‘Cunning’ peacock eludes OPP pursuers in Augusta Township
— May 27.

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