“How to enjoy a tick-free summer”

Today’s letters: Why some landlords (rightly) don’t allow pets
— Aug. 8.

125-year-old snapping turtle found dead in ‘unexpected’ location: conservation group
— Aug. 4.

Equine encephalitis virus detected in horse in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark district
— Aug. 2.

Zoo in China denies allegations some of its bears might be ‘humans in disguise’
— July 31.

Van Vloten: Canada’s landlords should stop their war on pets
— July 31.

‘Not everyone has a Champ’: Huntsville family saved after dog alerts them to house fire
— July 21.

B.C. man says he doesn’t regret saving a moose calf off the side of a highway despite losing his job
— July 17.

Firefighters rescue two cats from Carlington bungalow fire
— July 15.

How to enjoy a tick-free summer
– July 13.

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