Frank sincerely apologizes and accepts sole responsibility for the ill-timed recognition our Subscriber of the Month™, Yaroslav Hunka.

We’d just like to start – and finish – by saying that we’ve all done things we’re perhaps not totally proud of,  without or without a statute of limitations. My organ still manages it monthly!

So why not Frank up those dark question periods of the soul with the gift of wheezy laughter? We are pleased to continue our inflation-fighting freeze of the Frank of Canada rate, just $129.95 or $14.95 a month!

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  1. I want a printed FrankMag at those prices.
    Electrons are cheap, Print is more valuable, and archival.

    Bring back the Ottawa Galumpish Daily!

    • Plus, the paper’s value in the kibo during moments of extremis is…er…invaluable.

  2. The hand-off of a printed Frank in a brown envelope to friends in the judiciary was one of life’s great pleasures.

    • Oh!!!
      Tell us more!
      We want to know some examples.
      What “friends in the judiciary” might this mean??

      Yes, I used to buy Frank National at the local newsstands.
      And a second copy to pass to “certain individuals” if Ir(orNot)relevant.

      But the young owners of Frank now might be frightened of using vellum or parchment
      materials to spread their Wicked Twisted Humour.

      Who among us has not held up a copy of FRANK and asked the Prime Minister
      or Premier, “Is it true that you…. and also…..??”

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