Judge in anti-vax cash grab

“… in September of 2021, Chief Judge Pamela Williams emailed provincial court judges in the midst of the pandemic to ask them if they’d be prepared to reveal their vaccination status… [Judge Rickcola] Brinton replied… ‘I have concerns with medical privacy… a matter of conscience and a result of prayerful contemplation.”
-Nova Scotia judge launches $5M lawsuit over dispute related to COVID-19 vaccination, CBC, Oct. 6/23.

“Bible-punchin’, anti-vaxxin’, gay-bashin’ judges aren’t just an American phenomenon. We’ve got ‘em in our own backyard… Judge Brinton… mysteriously disappeared… fall of 2021… Coincidentally, that was during the height of COVID, when Chief Judge Pamela Williams proclaimed that ‘all Provincial Court judges presiding in courtrooms, both now and in the future,’ must be fully vaccinated.”
-Judge Brinton MIA, Frank, June 28/23

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  1. Judge Rickcola Brinton, [ sounds like a throat lozenge. RicOLA! ]

    And if you read the 900 word CBC story, she and her family caught CoVid-19.

    Between the lines, this junior judge had taken long absences, seemingly with Covid,
    Nova Scotia CBC’s Blair Fraser wrote : “While rumours and questions about Brinton’s absence
    from the courtroom have swirled for months, details in this lawsuit are the first
    to lay out a version of what was going on behind the scenes. Until this, the
    official explanation was that Brinton was on an unspecified medical leave.”

    “Brinton’s absence led to some cases being dismissed because they hadn’t been dealt
    with in a timely manner, part of a larger problem with court delays.”

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