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Frankland Capital Corporation welcomes and clings to Justice Mosley’s ruling that the invocation of the Expediencies Act,  which froze 3,288 rubles in the accounts of Frankland Freedom Corp (2022), was overreach, ultra vires and passing harsh.

But the struggle continues for freedom of the satirical press. A shipping container of unsold Pat King Bobble Bums™, each meticulously crafted at the No. 6 Gewgaw Factory in Shenzen, China, is now in its 710th day of impoundment with CBSA’s Prohibited Idols Unit. Nobody wants one, but it’s the principle, eh?

Affirm your charter right to my organ today. If you do not have a Frank, one will be provided for you, cheap! Still just $129.95 a year or $14.95 a month, same lowest-of-the-low price since 2013!

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  1. My Rob Ford bobblehead remains among my most cherished possessions, along with my autographed Gump Worsley rookie card and my Boy Scout Sperm Donor badge.

    • My brother in law brings out the RoFo bobblehead, which I gifted him years ago when ROFO was still among the living, at every family gathering to which I am unintentionally invited. Usually it is placed at my spot on the picnic table. Not sure if it is an insult.

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