Schmendrick vs. Middle East Peaceniks! Non-profit sues Rebel News – again!!

As Ezra Lügenpants blusters he’ll sue ChrystiaBritney” Freeland, the RCMP, and their globalist paymasters for the fascistic time-out imposed on rodeo clown David Menzies, Rebel News got hit this week with a defamation lawsuit from Levant’s old sparring partners at the Israel-boycotting Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East.

Readers will perhaps recall Der Rebel’s last time in the alphabet soup with CJPME, a $120,000 defamation action for calling them “Jew baiters,” comparing them to Nazis, alleging improper use of charitable status (they’re a not-for-profit, and a separate and distinct entity from the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East Foundation. Got it? Good!) et cetera.

Ez’ settled that lawsuit in early 2020, but a funny thing happened on the way to a subsequent breach of settlement filing and the CJPME uttered no peep until that October.

“The settlement was reached several months ago, but issues regarding Rebel Media’s compliance led CJPME to delay announcing it,” they finally informed. The terms of the settlement were confidential, but the smugness of CJPME thingies strongly suggested a payment was involved.

Now they’re back again (on deck: Yavar Hameed and Nicholas Pope, Hameed Law, knee-cappers of record for Blacklocks Reporter) with a claim filed in Ottawa for $80,000 in defamation damages, plus $20,000 punitive or exemplary damages.

At issue this time, an Oct. 10, 2023 foamer headlined “Canadian charity calls Israel ‘sadistic’ after Hamas killed over a thousand non-combatants, foreign nationals.” A notice of defamation in November, says CJPME, went unanswered:

“The Plaintiff states that the terms of settlement of the 2016 Defamation Action and Breach Action are relevant to the bad faith of the Defendant in publishing the Article that is the subject of the Intended Action identified herein.

“The Plaintiff states that the Defendant’s actions in once again falsely labelling it as a charitable entity with purpose and effect of maligning its trustworthiness and raising the false innuendo that the Plaintiff has violated the Income Tax Act and/or directives of the Canada Revenue Agency is vexatious conduct.”

Will Ezra, who as a serial defamation plaintiff so often felt the sting of a successful anti-SLAPP motion, now throw himself upon the mercy of the hated section 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act? Stay tuned.

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  1. Cruel Frank mag! Making the readers plough through the Courts of Justice Act.

    “Sections 137.1-137.5 of the Courts of Justice Act provide a process by which defendants can seek the early dismissal of an action that has been commenced against them, if the action constitutes an attempt to unduly limit expression on matters of public interest.”

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