The Hon. Stephen Lecce (PC–Sigma Chi) sez: “Kids? Kids? Can I have my attention please?”  

I may not know much about education, and I work hard to prove it every day, but I do know nobody’s going to be able to focus in gender-affirming algebra if they can just dial up Trash Magazine on their devil’s doohickies.

These zip-zap phones are zotting the brains of tomorrow’s precariously-employed sluggos, so drop the brain-buzzers, Ontario students, and that’s an order in council! Don’t sleepwalk through your prom, battle of the land acknowledgments or fraternity slave auction staring at your stupid phones! Live!

Enjoy Frank where permitted at our student special rate of $99.95 a year (regular price $129.95)*

Order online at shop.frankmag.ca
Email subscriptions@frankmag.ca
Call (613) 762-4541


*Probably, er, graduating sooner than intended? Frank understands, most of Cartoon U. Go month to month for only $14.95, cancel any time!

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