July 31, 2021

“Milley [likening] Trump to Hitler [was] full grounds for court-martial….”

July 12, 2021

“Behind the scenes [stories] of the big events I never told on the air.”

“I think we grafted onto ourselves the hysteria about the COVID-19 virus that was promoted by the American national political media

July 9, 2021

“My new wellness plan specifically addresses stress.”

June 28, 2021

“Almost all photographs show [rez] children apparently happy & healthy.”

June 25, 2021

” The Greens are shrinking faster than their favourite gloomy projections for the Arctic icecap.”

“It is time to make a bonfire of political correctness and return to “systemic” common sense.”

June 14, 2021

“Canada had hundreds or thousands of Coronavirus deaths…”

“Lucky the cat loses a leg!”

June 11, 2021

“What comes after dazzle? Frazzle. Or frazzled, if you want to get all grammatical about it.”

“An investigation is underway!”

“…as so many have kindly remarked over the years, I am a goose.”

“It is almost inconceivable that [Trump] actually broke any laws.”

“Despite everything, even the First Nations should be grateful that the Europeans came here.”

June 8, 2021

Secret Office Memos: Ottawa Citizen White Paper on Style

May 31, 2021

“Stripped of power, you’re left buck naked, twisting in the wind.”

The O’Tooles, Tarek Fatah and Lead-Lined Headlines!

May 29, 2021

“I’ve seen lots of really hot days, but we haven’t seen any yet.”

“But danger can happen anywhere and life is fleeting.”

“I propose that we get rid of the concept of imprisonment for nonviolent first offenders”

May 25, 2021

“No sane person…”

May 21, 2021

Gelding the Lilley, #73.

May 18, 2021

Because nothing says Zionism like the Catholic Church

May 17, 2021

“The international left…shouldered the birdwatchers and lepidopterists aside and mounted their full flank attack on capitalism from this new angle, focusing on the fossil fuel industry….”

May 15, 2021

“Sunny is reportedly happy and healthy, although he has gained some weight.”

May 14, 2021

Royals’ Maltese bolthole set to become museum

“As COVID-19 rips through the global economy, evidence of market failure is non-existent”

“If you put more than 4,000 people in one room, that’s a lot of people.”

May 13, 2021

Everyone’s a critic!

May 11, 2021

Twidiocy: When you don’t read your own paper

May 1, 2021

Lead-lined twidiocy

“When you have people who fire their guns at will and not care who they strike you don’t have peace.”

April 23, 2021

“Apology shows Ford is a changed man”

April 20, 2021

Build Back Dumber Edition: “(come) roaring back”

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