November 1, 2018

Tubby Tunes!

"A vote for the Democrats is an affirmation of sociopathic conduct…."
October 20, 2018


Manny Montegrino, Maxime Bernier, Faith Goldy
October 19, 2018

“[Media] have pushed the narrative the fire was fuelled by anti-refugee sentiment.”

October 5, 2018


Brian Lilley, Denise Batters, Warren Kinsella, Sue-Ann Levy, Joe Warmington
October 4, 2018

[A]ccusations must be reasonably advanced and not dangled and jiggled as they have been as in primitive children’s amusements in honky-tonk games of deception….

“Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little boondoggles, You know that Ontario’s no longer your home.”

T. Rex Murphy, Crusty Blatchford, Sheila Gunn Reid, Ezra Lugenpants
September 25, 2018

Esther the Wonder Pig now cancer-free, pain-free and ‘fabulous’

This Week in the Petfinder
September 21, 2018


Giorgio Mammoliti, Joe Warmington, Scaachi Koul, CBC News
September 20, 2018

“You just never know what Toronto Police detectives might be up to.”

September 18, 2018

All Choked Up: The Persian Perv Sings Again!

Jian Ghomeshi Mega Drivel
September 8, 2018


September 6, 2018

“You would never guess it from the fatuous ululations of triumph of his enemies, but Trump has won already.”

I love him so much I read the chapter in his book entitled “Live or Die With Supply Management….”

Crusty Blatchford, Ezra Lügenpants, Candice Malcolm, Mark Bonokoski, Rex Murphy, Nathalie Atkinson
August 27, 2018

“Fault lines”

Anne Kingston, Christopher Hume, Jessica Leeder, Chantal Hebert