The Puffster Papers (1997) Mike Duffy vs. The Satirical Press

June 24, 1997: Mike Duffy, Giant of JournalismTM and future Tory Senator, testifies in discovery for his $600,000 defamation suit against Frank, later settled out of court.

At issue, a story entitled “Mike Duffy: Fat-faced Liar,” about his check-in at Duke University’s fat farm, and his on-air nosestretchers about the true purpose of his visit to the American institute of higher larnin’.

The article, Duffy complains, suggests he “lies to the public…is without integrity…is not worthy of the public’s trust and confidence.” He further alleges a four-year “campaign of abuse,” consisting of “personally as well as professionally demeaning and insulting attacks.”

As we await Senator Accused’s April 7 appearance on fraud and breach of trust charges, Frank hereby presents some of his last recorded statements under oath. Questions are by Frank’s long-suffering legalist, Will McDowell. Duffy is represented by David Sherriff-Scott.

The Full transcript available here: Duffy Examination For Discovery.

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