Rex Murphy on the take

Well, you could see that coming: Rex Murphy rising from the tar pit to tear Neil Young a new one on The National Jan. 17.

All in the key of same-old, of course. T. Rex hates pinko “celebrities vocalizing super high-octane rhetoric,” like Bono, Young and the climate scare mongering, tree hugging whackos of the Occupy Movement.

And don’t forget Greenpeace: “Noxious twits, who fiddle around with nuclear testing, women’s liberation, native rights, the environment, pollution and black studies.”

As for Young’s crusade against the tar sands, he’s just another “autumn superstar looking for one last kick at the publicity can.”

Borrowing the propagandist’s technique from fellow traveler Ezra Levant, Rex wrote: “[For Young] to offer an equivalence, and repeat it, with the horror, mass obliteration and deaths of Hiroshima, goes so far outside all boundaries of good taste, truth, judgment and proportion as to be unfathomably irresponsible.”

Then the classic bait and switch:
“If Mr. Young really thinks this, he’s blind. If he doesn’t, he’s shameless.”

For $10,000 a pop, Rex will tell his audiences whatever they want to hear

Speaking of shameless, wasn’t that Rex banging the same oil drum at a convention of pipeline millionaires in Lake Louise in November? Turns out that Canada’s foremost climate change denier and propagandist for big oil is in big demand as a corporate shill (‘keynote speaker,’ shurely?!—ed.)o-REX-MURPHY-facebook

For $10,000 a pop, Rex will tell his audiences whatever they want to hear.

“The pipelines bringing Alberta oil to Eastern Canada are nation-building exercises,” he told the oil patch plutocrats. You Big Oil boys, he continued, have no reason to apologize or buy into “the indictments of your enemies…There’s no hiring freeze at Greenpeace.” (er, because they’re volunteers?—ed.)

In rubbishing climate science, T-Rex quoted two climate change deniers, Stephen McIntyre, a retired mining stock promoter and Ross McKitrick, an economist, who have a grand total of one peer-reviewed publication between them. Like Rex, McKitrick has ties to the Fraser Institute, which receives funding from the Republican-bankrolling Koch brothers and oil companies.

Is it possible that CBC journos and editors aren’t aware that T. Rex is peddling this bought-and-paid-for drivel on the side?

Murphy’s entitled to his opinion, but the Corpse should add the disclaimer that he’s already sold it to Big Oil.


  1. The CBC ombudsman passed this complaint on to the managing editor of CBC news.

    If CBC.ca is to allow sheer biased attacks like this by Mr. Murphy against a single individual, it should also allow comments. Mr Murphy doesn’t seem to allow that the scientific community overwhelmingly supports Mr. Young on the environmental damage caused by the tar sands. Not a mention of the hundreds of millions spent by the oil industry and the federal government lying to us and the entire world. The attacks on environmentalists as extremists.

    It’s Mr. Murphy who obviously lacks a conscience, who is shameless. Let him know from me will you?

  2. Looks like I caught a bad virus here – and the library is closing. (IN other news – I è m not really that interested in Olivia Chows è sex life. Say Babe – Inside Job É
    (Donèt mention the keyboard )

  3. any luck the new Australian government will not fund another bullshit expedition to ‘prove’ global warming.

  4. Didn’t realise the truncation of comments. The beginning of previous comment was to ask you not to pan people as climate change ‘deniers’ when the earth hasn’t warmed now for more than twelve years. And that expedition to try to prove how much ice had been lost from Eastern Antarctica got badly stuck in the ice and had to be rescued.

  5. Has Kiwi Bill noticed the almost annual critical fires in his neck of the woods? According to scientists from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, “Moomba’s 49.6C on January 12(2013) was the highest recorded temperature anywhere in Australia since 1998 and the highest in South Australia since 1960.

    Nationally, January 7 was Australia’s hottest day on record. January was the hottest month on record and the summer of 2012-13 was the nation’s hottest summer.” KB can check it out at http://www.skepticalscience.com/2013-was-Australias-hottest-year-warm-for-much-of-the-world.html, although most climate change deniers I’ve met do not evaluate the matter in an evidence based mode.

  6. The climate change bull shitters seem to have found a new forum in Frank of all places – ah well it takes all sorts. When Bono, Young, Suzuki, and the like start cashing in some of their millions and putting their cash where their mouths are I’ll maybe give the whole scam some credence.

  7. Why Is T. Rex?
    ” Opinion
    Rex Murphy on Calgary: ‘Where are the city’s allies?’
    ‘Were I a Calgarian, I’d be first perplexed, and then perhaps angry,’ says Newfoundlander
    By Rex Murphy, CBC News Posted: Feb 10, 2016 6:00 AM MT Last”

    “Editor’s note: As part of our Calgary at a Crossroads project, we asked national columnist and broadcaster Rex Murphy to write about our city in these troubled economic times. Murphy has spent a lot of time in and around our city over the years. He knows us well. Here’s what he had to say.”

    1800 words later, the masses descend upon him with 1000 rebuttals.

    Why is CBC Calgary paying him?

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