Numb and number!

Increase in number of political staffers working for cabinet ministers in the Tory regime (2006-14): 21 per cent.

Decrease in number of staffers working at Veterans Affairs pensions and awards department since 2009: 33 per cent.


  1. Harper is a loathsome little worm with no sense of shame. While he runs around in make believe military uniforms, those who have actually put their asses on the line and suffer because of that, get hosed on his watch. An absolutely disgraceful episode in our history.

  2. Reality check, folks:

    In 2011, Conservative Doofus Cheryl Gallant in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke beat the Liberal candidate by about 17,000 votes. Her riding encompasses Camp Petawawa at one end and Arnprior at the other.

    The reason the Conservatives can eat their young when it comes to serving soldiers and vets and get away with it is no mystery. Military men and women (and police) tend to be very politically and socially conservative. Law-and-order … crackdown on this-that-and-the-other, yack, yack, woof woof.

    The Tories can screw them over until hell wouldn’t have it because these folks would rather bleed out their eyes than vote Liberal. And Harper knows it. Very sad, indeed.

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