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    • What you have done is just given more publicity to the perpetrators of the crime, instead of really doing anything for Charlie Hebdo (I forget).
      Everyone is taking advantage of this situation – especially Frank – in trying to boost it’s own sales, publication circulation etc. Shame on you.
      If you so much – seriously – wished to help Charlie Hebdo then you would have sent them perhaps a cheque in the amount of € 20,000,000 to help them rebuild their offices with the best and top security measures. We are still waiting for the money in France.

  1. Recalling what Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty…” it occurred to me that people who speak truth to power must be the most beautiful people in the world. Je suis Charlie.

  2. Coyne has a good Postmedia column today – the only thing missing from it is the fact that Frank has actually published material he is saying that mainstream publications should have the courage to publish. He ought to be giving credit where credit is due.

  3. I know that Frank Magazine in a desperate attempt to get readers has published the controversial cartoons. Congratulations – you’ve submitted yourself to an all time immature low in your behaviour – much like bullies in a schoolyard.

    I am a proud, law-abiding peace loving citizen of Canada – and an even prouder Muslim. I am offended by the cartoons, because personally, I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by “picking” on one religious or ethnic group.

    I would be equally offended if the cartoon depicted ignorance against any other religious group (i.e. Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc). As we mature, we realize that picking on others based on their religion, ethnicity, colour of their skin, etc. is not right. I’ve taught my children the same – to respect EVERYONE regardless on their beliefs. It’s a shame you and so many others still haven’t realized that. Maybe it’s time to grow up?

    I’m not condoning the attacks in Paris yesterday – and anyone I associate with (Muslim or otherwise) is. Two wrongs don’t make a right. But y publishing these cartoons, you’ve gained nothing, except to show how immature you are. Shame on you and GOD bless.

    Perhaps if you have time you can educate yourself about how wonderful a religion Islam is – which by the way, is the FASTEST growing religion in the world. There’s a reason for that.

    Alia Hasni

    • Mmm … “I’m not condoning”, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Strange how you you manage to put satire and terrorism on the same moral plane. It says a lot about your own moral character and that of your religion. In my opinion the three Abrahamic religions are the root cause of most of the evil in the world. But, hey, that’s just my opinion. And I’m entitled to express it. But I’d never “condone” violence” on behalf of my beliefs. I condemn it in the harshest possible terms and defend the right of those who wish to criticize, even if I disagree with that criticism. You, on the other hand, are clearly not able to tolerate the kind of discussion of Islam that a free society engenders.

    • So what would you say if Frank were to publish cartoons mocking Jesus or the other Jewish prophets? Probably nothing. If this cartoon offends you – too bad. Some of your fellow Muslims have brought the problems on all of you – not Charlie Hebdo or Frank Magazine. If you don’t like the cartoon, cancel your subscription.

    • Point #1- Imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever. I didn’t make that up of course, Mr. Orwell in 1984. Also suggest googling “Then they came for me”. Just food for thought. I feel offended every time I look at a Sun news product – such is life in a first-world democracy.

      Point #2 – Could there possibly be any correlation between the rate at which a religion grows, and the equality and reproductive rights of the women within that religion, recognizing that those may be factors of culture and economics and not the religion itself?

  4. It comes as no shock that you would engage in publishing the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo, trumpeting the ideals of freedom of speech and solidarity with your French compatriot. If you choose to ride out this commendable crusade, then be certain to dedicate an issue with cartoons satirizing Judaism, unless of course you’re afraid of the ever- pointing finger of anti-Semitism, a much more powerful opponent, and one much less demonized than the easier target of Islam. I look forward to seeing such an issue in your noble pursuit of free speech.
    Steve Durnin

  5. I am a subscriber to Frank Magazine and I have to say I am very, very upset and disappointed to read that you will be publishing the cartoons that ‘maybe’ caused the trouble in France. Why would you find it ok to poke at Islam and not to poke at the Jewish Torah or Holocaust? Why not joke about the Holocaust, say ‘let’s pretend it didn’t happen what would the world be like today’.
    No you wouldn’t do that and you know why. If your publication of the cartoons causes any problems here in Canada you will have guaranteed Harper’s demolition of Canada. He will close down our Democracy as fast as he can. Go ahead and publish the cartoons ‘after’ we know the whole story and ‘AFTER’ the 2015 election. Please.
    Dawn Durnin
    P.S. I find you are very soft on Harper and Baird and Clement. Why not bring up ‘old’ stories every issue called “Reminders” so we can be reminded of who they are?

  6. Sad, very sad and tragic. They are not Muslims they are simply “Terrorists” – giving all of us Muslims a bad name. So please stop calling the Murderers Muslim.
    Because when the Irish were fighting the British they were not calling all the terrorists Irish Catholics – but they all were Catholics and fought under the Catholic banner.
    Why cannot the world see that there are some bad people out there who will kill no matter what their religion – there have been mass killings by Christians, Atheists,Buddhists, American Army and Navy Personal (where the CIA and FBI have covered up the evidence – but it still came out – Philippines and Korea), etc., you just have to read the newspapers and you’ll see all this happening. So wake up everybody and stop pointing fingers at one religious group. Killing is a human bad trait – anyone can kill – it is not their religion that makes them kill.
    What was the religion of the US soldiers, etc., who were sent abroad to kill women and children – and now they are horrified and have PTS – and are committing suicide – and Canadian soldiers too – Mr. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama – why don’t you help them first.
    Charlie Hebdo does not need anyone’s rehetoric now – they need cash and cash in millions of €’s; so step up to the plate and send us your € 20,000,000 to Charlie Hebdo now.

    • Why does your religion spawn so many terrorists? Are the Christian and Jewish religions currently spawning groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda or others? People have good reason to be suspicious of Muslims and I don’t blame them. There’s no law that says any of us have to like them. I tolerate them – in the same way I tolerate freezing rain.

    • Charlie Hebdo ridiculed just about every religion it had ever heard of. Representatives of only one came and killed them.

      • The murderers were certainly NOT “representatives” of the Moslem faith! They WERE representatives of sick minded terrorists that cloak their violent outbreaks under the guise of religious purity!

  7. Before any conclusion of a terrorist act, REMEMBER, the MOSSAD who’ ” by deception , thou shall wage war “! …….always found it strange that President Harper called Benji , before anyone else………and the toasting / celebrating of Irish ambassador Vickers in da promised land ,with the exaggerations of heroism obviously subsiding under the glare of eyewitness accounts.

  8. Like phargrav, I’m not impressed with the track record of any of the big three (overly patriarchal) Abrahamic religions. Islamic terrorists today, the Spanish Inquisition yesteryear. Tomatos, toMAHtos. When ANY religion gets so self-centred and serious that atrocities can be committed in the name of a “loving God” it’s time for a reality check … or a straight-jacket.

    However, getting back to today’s topic, my favourite stage comedian once said: “You know a religion has no sense of humor when a guy can stand up and say, ‘You know, if you commit suicide for Allah, after you die you will be met in heaven by 70 virgins,’ and nobody in the room just goes, ‘AHAHAHA! Son of a bitch! That was great!’ ”

    And you know … that’s a problem. Today.

  9. “Perhaps if you have time you can educate yourself about how wonderful a religion Islam is”

    I’ll be thinking about your “wonderful” religion tomorrow when Raif Badawi is being publicly flogged in Saudi Arabia (after Friday prayers of course) for the “crime” of insulting Islam. Badawi was a blogger and his “crime” was expressing his opinions online. His sentence includes 10 years in prison, a fine of close to $250,000, and one thousand lashes. The public flogging will take place outside a mosque each week for 20 weeks, with 50 lashes administered on each occasion.

  10. I am not Charlie Hebdo.

    Quite apart from the anti-Muslim cartoons, C.H. is a filthy, degenerate rag. It makes Frank look like a sweet little book of verses.

  11. Je ne suis pas Charlie.
    Hate speech is illegal in Canada. Why offend all Muslims when your target should be hard line fanatics and terrorists?
    Ask some Halifax dental students if there is freedom of speech in this country; the answer happily is no (even though these unfortunates are more guilty of stupidity than hate-mongering).

  12. Why are people thanking Frank for publishing these racist and Islam-aphobe cartoons? Do you sheeple not realize that charlie hebdo’s cartoons are often racist and Islam-aphobic? Republishing them does NOTHING to provide justice to the people murdered in Paris! It is nothing more than poking the bear! Many kind hearted, loving Muslims find these images offensive. Not just terrorists! Thank you Frank magazine for needlessly putting Ottawa citizens’ lives at risk just so you can sell more magazines. If anyone is injured or killed by a person or persons as sick as the perpetrators of the murders in Paris, that will be on YOUR selfish and careless heads!

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