President Steve stars in 24/7-eleven

24-7-eleven-harper-final-1 24-7-eleven-harper-final-2


  1. If the mainstream press keeps granting Steve the gravitas he does not deserve, our kid’s kid’s will be getting drafted for some eternal war in the middle of nowhere.

  2. I worry the provisions of Bill C-51 will prove so effective Canada will soon face a Jihadi shortage. I mean, once we’ve exhausted our limited natural endowment of holy-warrior punks, what then? There’s only so many anti-poverty groups, bird-watching clubs and Liberal riding associations for the Maxwell Smarts of CSIS to spend their time infiltrating and disrupting. Besides, when it comes to spook job-satisfaction, it’s widely accepted waterboarding birdwatchers is a poor substitute for the real thing.

    Maybe the answer is for the Government to declare “Jihadi” a critical skill category and bring them in from the Middle East under a new Temporary Foreign Workers program.

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