All About Eve



  1. Yep…and you’ve still got “The Three Faces of Eve” in reserve for when she jumps to the NDP (or Greens or Natural Law Party).

  2. Just think of the flopsweat in the PMO now that the grisly duo of Eve and Dimitry have bolted. God only knows the information that Trudeau extracted before he let them in. If Dimitry really spills his guts, he’ll give Justin enough on Harper to stagger civilization. I think Harper’s “walk in the snow” just got a lot closer.

  3. What’s that old military saying? (Eisenhower?? L B Johnston??) “Better to have them inside your tent pissing out than outside your tent pissing in”. If J T pulls this off (sure, its always a chancy ride on a tiger, or tigresse) Boy Wonder might have some of Ol’ Pete’s Machiavelli touch after all.

  4. What could be spilled about the Robo Calls, and the Duffy cheque? Either one, if it can show Harper as a Liar, would be a crippling blow. We all know he is, but the sheeples need to be awakened to it. It’s not all about Eve. It’s about Dimitry. How far will he go?

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