Sun Liquidation Sale!



  1. Good riddance! Unfortunately, Ezra will likely find a job somewhere else. But, if he moves to Fox News in the US, that would be a plus for Canada.

  2. They like to claim they were killed by the CRTC. The truth is the production values were terrible and looked cheap and ,oh yeah,the programming stunk.

    • Yes, indeed. If there were any teeth in the truth in advertising laws, Sun News would have had to declare as its motto: “Catering to the hysterical prejudices of right-wing knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers since 2011.” Good riddance to bad garbage.

  3. Let’s see now…mad cow disease…Dragon’s Den…celebrities having sex in airplanes…weather and lottery results…Redblacks schedule…Russian lady electrocuted by her iPhone…Star Wars funeral…new department store opens…oh, yeah, here we go: “Sun News off the air”.

    • That was as of this afternoon. Now they’ve got the Sun News story at the very bottom of their home page…well below a story on how local sex shops are expecting the “Fifty Shades of Gray” movie to produce a boom in sales of restraining devices and flogging accessories.

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