The Piece of Shit Interview


9 comments on “The Piece of Shit Interview
  1. Steve-O says:

    Anyone out there know who that old fogey is, who called Lori Graham and the other reporter (from CBC?) a POS? If you do, Frank and other publications would love to know.

  2. gormab says:

    You mean, “Who’s the pile of dog turd who called the reporters a piece of shit”?

  3. Auldhame Farm says:

    His name is reported, by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, as “Earl Cowan”. He’s been reported by the Tor Star of agitating in a stupid way for Rob Ford. I guess, while Marijuana isn’t allowed by Harper Cons, Crack is, … for their inserted agitators?

    • Steve-O says:

      I found a piece by Crusty Blatchford from last year who mentioned Cowan as being an ardent Ford Nation supporter. At one all-candidates’ meeting in Toronto, Cowan apparently shouted out that Olivia Chow isn’t a Canadian. He’s just the true face of Harper’s angry Conservatives.

  4. Jimmy E. says:

    If the guy wasn’t in the bag he has no excuse.

  5. Papadoc says:

    Well he did learn that that kind of disrespectful and aggressive retort works for the PM in Parliament.

  6. drdjet says:

    Gee what would the Ukrainian Canadian Congress know about Nazi political tactics?

  7. Patrick60 says:

    I don’t know if Reform Party Steve can aFORD this guy!

  8. OJM says:

    Who’s in favour of giving Mr. Earl his own reality program?