The Piece of Shit Interview



  1. Anyone out there know who that old fogey is, who called Lori Graham and the other reporter (from CBC?) a POS? If you do, Frank and other publications would love to know.

  2. His name is reported, by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, as “Earl Cowan”. He’s been reported by the Tor Star of agitating in a stupid way for Rob Ford. I guess, while Marijuana isn’t allowed by Harper Cons, Crack is, … for their inserted agitators?

    • I found a piece by Crusty Blatchford from last year who mentioned Cowan as being an ardent Ford Nation supporter. At one all-candidates’ meeting in Toronto, Cowan apparently shouted out that Olivia Chow isn’t a Canadian. He’s just the true face of Harper’s angry Conservatives.

  3. Well he did learn that that kind of disrespectful and aggressive retort works for the PM in Parliament.

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