Eve Adams, 600 gov’t sluggos smeared in Ashley Madison hack

As threatened, the Impact Team of hackers has dumped their trove of purloined customer information on some 32 million Ashley Madison accounts.

Much juvenile tittering as voyeurs worldwide pore over the email addresses associated with those allegedly in search of a bit of strange, including one that appears, improbably enough, to belong to former British PM Tony Blair.

In Canada, the satirical press counts over 600 government addresses so far, 50 of them parliamentary, though shockingly absent from the walk of shame is heterosexualist Senator Colin Kenny (Franks passim).

Present and accounted for, however, are emails associated with the likes of MP Eve Adams (Lib-Mississauga-Brampton South), although Frank takes it all with a grain of saltpetre.

Nobody is suggesting, nor should they, that the presence of any of these email addresses in the AshMad database amounts to a definitive scarlet letter for associated persons.

Partisan ratfuckers could and would create false accounts, parliamentary staff could be misappropriating the honourable members’ emails for their own horizontal purposes, etc, etc.

The account information reportedly goes back seven years to 2007, which would cover the period of Eve’s split with hubby Peter Adams and subsequent soul-mating with hairplugged horndog Dimitri Soudas.

Eve denies the allegations and the alligator.

“Not me. No truth. Whatsoever,” she told the Huffington Post after Frank pointed out her appearance in the AshMad leak. “Very drôle.”


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