President Steve on the Campaign Trail!



  1. Why is it that the socioeconomic tier which suffers most from his policies is the one that provides much of his voting base?

    • Patrick 60, may I offer a theory? My lesson is drawn from the Riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, a relatively recent Conservative bastion that is represented by the charmless Cheryl Gallant, whose brain generates about as much power as needed to help her put one foot in front of the other. This cretin gets re-elected by ever-increasing pluralities (close to 20,000 votes) because her Riding is anchored at one end by Camp Petawawa and at the other by Arnprior. For the sake of the argument, let it be assumed that farmers and military personnel tend to be no-nonsense law-and-order types who are a good fit for the Tory ideology. Add to this consideration the fact that the Tory “Base” is, to put it politely, comprised largely of low-information and low-income voters. The bottom line is that these people will vote for Harper no matter what he does to them because they would bleed out of their eyes before they’d vote NDP, or even Liberal.

      The big surprise for me this summer is that Veterans, who are totally pissed off by the CONs’ shoddy treatment of them, are taking a strong Anybody But Harper stance. If this spreads to the military and their dependent families at large, who knows what the harvest might be.

  2. “a coup” ??? Does Frank know something we don’t? Will Steve go willingly? What would be the excuse to postpone “election 42” and hold power by fiat?
    Does he have a crown ready, as with Napoleon? Are his children ready to succeed King Stephen?

  3. As a service to Frank readers, I would like to address the mystery of President Steve’s hair. The owner of a Vancouver salon, an expert on wigs and one of the best stylists in the city, swears he does not wear a rug. I believe him even though I have had suspicions in the past.

  4. Dear Leader does the prole walk. Perhaps the best thing about democracy is that it periodically requires politicians to publicly humiliate themselves.

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