If the shoe fits…



  1. Trudeau and Mulcair from the outset of the Syrian crisis urged Canada to send humanitarian aid, instead that over-fed, fat bastard Harper sent war planes. Nice call cement hair! At least that snivelling, beleaguered little prick Alexander is justly a part of the collateral damage. Meteoric rise, meteoric fall.

  2. Quibble, but meteors never rise. They only fall from a great and rarified height and burn up to destruction once they hit the real atmosphere. That little prick should have known–as should we all–that he was due for a rollicking good pinata-fest once he was silly enough to hang up on As It Happens. (Nothing good ever comes of THAT move).

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving LittleShit (TM). Except Jason Kenney. And Pierre Boilonthebumisheever. And scads of others.

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