Jason Kenney Tweet Shocker!!


5 comments on “Jason Kenney Tweet Shocker!!
  1. Papadoc says:

    Kenney sniffing the stench of defeat and with the Harper body barely in the ground crassly launches his desperate leadership run.

  2. rumleyfips says:

    Spoken like a true star whacker offer.

  3. goatse says:

    You went full Ezra, man. Never go full Ezra.

  4. Patrick60 says:

    There seems to be an aroma of despair in the Harpenbunker these days. I hope they get taken to court on charges for all the evil shit they’ve perpetrated.

  5. mmedesevigne says:

    I hope Kenney gets his wish. Being the consecrated virgin of the CPC may not be the cool gig he evidently thinks it will be.

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