Portfolio: Marilou Nemiada Trayvilla


Marilou Nemiada Trayvilla

Minister of Entitlement and Diaper Change

A Board Member at the Trudeau Centre for Montessori Conflict Studies and author of influential status updates including “Is $11 an hour normal?” and “nana needs some me time,” Marilou is excited to represent the interests of all children in her charge regardless of gender, giftedness or spectrum disorder. A firm believer in the maxim that the Trudeau children are our future, Marilou has a deep understanding of the issues that are relevant to today’s young families, such as parliamentary procedure, etiquette for state occasions and the importance of not kicking the Queen.

Since being elected to the position of Primary Caregiver in 2012, Marilou has dedicated herself to the advancement of Xavier’s self-regulated behaviour and the preservation of Ella-Grace’s My Little Pony collection. Marilou is passionate about helping new Canadians, born to the Trudeaus, get ready in the morning, and oversaw the procurement of helicopter parents for Ella-Grace’s birthday party.

Active in the Filipina community, Marilou looks forward to working in close conjunction with Marian Pueyo, Secretary of State for the Status of Hadrian.

Marilou’s hard work and diplomacy has been recognized on many occasions, such as the time Margaret said she’d put Xavier’s snow pants on backwards, but actually hadn’t.

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