Camelot Has Fallen!



  1. We in the hinterlands would like context of the Rob Ford quotes. You give a date, but not provenance and circumstances.

    We are sorry that we don’t get the Toronto Tsar out here.

    And how is Robyn Doolittle doing these days?

  2. One should not speak ill of the dead. In this case, thank you for making an exception! Well deserved and good riddance.

  3. Thanks to The Sun and Slow Talkers Of Canada’s own Joe Warmington, the Great Man is in death as he was in life -completely without dignity. Will I go to the funeral? As Dickens said: If there is a lunch provided.

    • Indeed it does!

      Who knows this better than hippie purveyor of the devil’s lettuce himself ex-California Governator Arnold S?


  4. The soundtrack to the video on RoFo’s memorial site, rememberingrobford.ca,
    is Sting’s Every Breathe You Take

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I’ll be watching you
    Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    I’ll be watching you.

    A message from the grave to someone perchance?

    Was the mystery of the Perry Mason-inspired crack video ever solved?
    Enqiring minds (like Gawker’s Nick Denton!) want to really know NOW, Dr. Doolittle!


    Award of the day for ‘Biggest Waste of Taxpayer Money’ is a toss-up between the Toronto Police Service and the CBC Corpse Mothership Den-of-Ghomeshistank for the over-the-top media coverage.

    It’s only day ONE of a THREE-day RoFo wankfest send-off. Didn’t know Ford had that many fans. Are they giving away a Steak Queen coupon or something?

    A police honour guard escort for his family this morning into Toronto City Hall where he is “lying in repose”. Lying in re-poser maybe.
    Then do it allll over again on Wednesday and haul his crumb-filled coffin and carcass up to the ‘Church of St. Rob Ford Never Went Here In His Life Ever’ for the holy blessing du jour.
    Juuuust in case.
    For those jonesing to go look at a big wooden box with a flag on it:
    Be forewarned, you may catch a spring flu from the sign-in pen courtesy of the fine citizens of York!

    The thought of it is all just too much.
    My NOW Magazine PTSD is acting up something awful.
    Ever since 2011 when I saw Ford on the cover of NOW clad in nothing but a shit-stained pair of boxers.
    Naked ambition indeed.
    I still have nightmares.

    Let’s face it, Robert Bruce “RoFo” Ford would NEVER have wanted such a wasteful display of unsanctioned taxpayer largesse.
    He’s costing the Toronto taxpayer more in death than he did in life!

    Oh the irony.

    RIP, long illness, minor children, long-suffering enabler/wife yada yada woof woof etc. Let’s stop the maudlin post-mortem fellatio on this turdburger tout de suite.

    ~ Merci beaucoup from The Muldoon VQA Estates Vineyard. Purveyors and Connoisseurs of the World’s Finest NyQuil.

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