The Top 100 Wankers, Part I

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  1. And that’s all?

    Loved the writing, words and phrases that would never come to lesser minds.

    You’re doing gooder, Mr. Frank.

  2. Re Murdoch Mysteries. It’s hardly a “period piece”. They’re inserting late 20th century political/cultural issues into stories taking place ca. 1900. LOL. Name some political correctness that has not yet been stuck into this series – betcha you can’t. What’s on for next season? Probably children wanting a sex change operation is my guess.

  3. I like Murdoch Mysteries too! The ensemble cast works well together. Spare them Frank! Annul this underserved Wanker status.

    • That tampon string quip alone renders it list-worthy! Never watched it. A quick survey of my 100-year-old parents reports it’s fantastic. In a Matlock Murder She Wrote kind of way.

  4. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Wankers

    1. Consistency. Wankers wank. They do it hard. They do it often.

    2. Pettifoggery. Either by trade or employ.

    3. Prevaricating. Also known as “branding”. Also known as bullshit.

    4. Vainglory. See Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Tinder, Grindr, Vampire Freaks and Cafe Moms and my assistant-curated, heavily-filtered salle de bain selfies.

    5. Braggadocio. Conversational technique usually disguised as charity work. See the good works of the Muldoon ladies and their Manolo Box o’ Fancy-Shit-I’ll Never-Be-Able-To-Afford homeless shelter drive-by drop-offs.

    6. Ego. Elephantine. Extensive. Enormous. Ergo, ego!

    7. Unapologetic. There’s no accounting for accountability!

    Soundtrack: Robert “Doc” Cox aka Ivor Buggin and The Red Nose Burglars’ I’m A Wanker Song

  5. 1,548 days later, from March 21, 2016 we are reminded in June 2020, of the leading wankers of yesterdsay.

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