Frank Poll Predictor: Will the Puffster Taste Freedom?


cover_duffyThe Hon. Senator Michael Dennis “The Puffster” Duffy faces 31 counts of fraud, breach of trust and bribery, assorted. The verdict comes down Thursday, April 21. How many will stick? Weigh in now!

Closest to the hole wins a free Puffster Bobble-Belly!

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  1. I had to try to vote twice to see how rigorous your Poll was. I’ll believe the results now.

  2. I still can’t figure out your poll. Did I vote for aquittal on all charges by choosing 31 charges? If I did not, you have at least one vote that should transfer to 0 charges. HOW MANY WILL STICK. (Oh now I see — stupid me). I think that the rules are so screwy that they really allow Senators (and MPS, by the way) do whatever they like. They were designed that way.

    Hang ‘Em High!

    It’s Just Wafer Thin!


    Leave The Fine Senator Be!
    There’s A Steaming Batch O’ PEI Beach-Fried Clams Waitin’ Back Home (err…wheredat???) On The Rock*!

    *No Allan’s were harmed in the creation of this comment.
    My name is Muldoon’s NyQuil and I approve this message.
    You’re fired.

    Interesting read on Bayne here from Canadian Lawyer Magazine
    ‘Betting on Bayne”

    “Lawyers come from all political stripes and persuasions but I think there is a deep-seated tension between the legal community and this particular government because of its essential disdain for the rule of law. I would be irresponsible to say the prime minister has a direct hand in this — we don’t know all the facts yet — but you get the sense they will protect you until it’s convenient and when you become a liability you’re thrown under the bus.” – Toronto lawyer Jeremy Richler

  4. I’m betting the Puffster walks (waddles?)…and then heads right on over to Baton Rouge to celebrate with a Hungry ‘Gator Chicken-and-Ribs Platter and a Triple Fudge Brownie Bayou Heart-Stopper.

  5. THE PUFFSTER™ Verdict Buffet-Vigil is well underway here in THE CENTRE of the UNIVERSE™*.
    Pulled pork au jus on a ciabatta, Doritos, cheesecake (Yo! Michelle Rempel!)and a nice glass of $15 orange juice to wash it all down.
    Dress code: track suit.
    DUKE FAT FARM Alumni ID required for entry.
    Senator Nancy Ruth just showed up!
    Channeling THE PUFFSTER™ and I can’t stop stuffing Camembert and broken crackers into my face-hole!
    The suspense is killing me!
    Errr… wait.
    That’s not SUSPENSE.
    It’s the CBC-SNOOZEWORLD live blog coverage!

    Only the CBC could stretch a three-hour verdict reading into an exercise in bromidic torpidity.
    A round of VSOP Muldoon’s NyQuil for the house!


  6. Just under 3 hours in on the courtroom nailbiter oration of the Puffster Verdict Illiad and only 12 of 31 charges dismissed thus fat! (Typo and it stays!!!)

    Looks like Puffy’s trip to buy a dog in Peterborough ON with the delightful Dean Del Mastro WAS Senate biz after all! It’ll be a Senate Canadian Kennel Club free-for-all now!!

    At this rate, the verdict reading will conclude by Canada Day!

    I trust the research monkeys in the Frank bunker are immersed in some Olympic-level satirical due diligence; tallying up the entire cost to the CANADIAN taxpayer for this bloated, RCMP/HARPER ego-theatre! FRANKland readers await the full report! -r

  7. So, cleared of all charges, where did the Puffster have lunch and drinks after the summation?
    Frank readers want to know his whereabouts in the days after.

    And of Nigel Wright? The rest is silence.

  8. Duffy’s been full acquitted of the criminal charges, but he’s still just a goldbricker, just like most of the other senators.

  9. OK, I voted zero charges, as did 24 other prescient types. Don’t we deserve a doughnut or a bobble something????

  10. I’m still waiting for my “free” bobblehead for subscribing two years ago. Emailed reminders are ignored. So why not Do The Right Thing(tm) and send me one Ford and one Duffy…

  11. Noted with curiosity the double-page spread the next day in the Grope and Flail of the verdicts, “Charge: verdict” with NOT a Single Byline. Wonders why.
    (But then there is Peggy Wente.)

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