Rent-a-Justice Minister! Only $500 a head!



  1. She was a registered lobbyist before running for the Libs.

    Also see Doctor Tim Raybould, (University of Cambridge, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 1985 – 1993. [ Thesis: Negotiating Indian self-government in Canada : the Westbank case. University of Cambridge. Department of Social Anthropology. Date approved: 25 January 1994.) ] Thesis (Ph.D) — University of Cambridge, 1994. University of Cambridge, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Archaeology & Anthropology, 1985 – 1988. Neport Free Grammar School), was until the election a partner with his spouse in a private company, called the KaLoNa Group, specializing in consulting work relating to self-government issues.
    [ President the K a L o N a group January 1998 – Present (18 years 4 months) 31 Weway Road, Quathiaski Cove, BC, V0P 1NO
    Consulting firm providing professional services to First Nation governments, First Nation Institutions and other organizations related to public administration and policy development. Activities includes undertaking research, training,? facilitation and mediation, negotiation support and intergovernmental relations. ]

    He wasn’t on the federal lobbyist registry since early 2011, but he filed in late January of 2016 on behalf of two clients.
    They are the self-governing Westbank First Nation in the Kelowna area, a longtime KaLoNa client which is one of B.C.’s wealthiest bands, and the First Nations Finance Authority, a not-for-profit based at Westbank that provides loans and financial advice to First Nations.

    There was much chatter on the West Coast when Jody was made minister about the poor quality of eager-beaver assistants decamping to Ottawa with her.
    Their clumsy mistakes will be traced back to Jody after her downfall.

  2. She’s make a good living off the state for years as has hubby. Big mistake by Baby Trudeau putting a clueless rookie into this portfolio.

  3. Meanwhile,

    Justice system can’t wait for judicial appointments review, say judges. (CBC 09 May 2016)

    Canada’s legal community is growing increasingly anxious about the growing number of judicial vacancies across the country, and some say the federal justice minister shouldn’t wait for the outcome of a review of judicial appointments before appointing new judges….. [ more ]

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