Bonjour World! It’s Me! Sophie!


4 comments on “Bonjour World! It’s Me! Sophie!
  1. Papadoc says:

    Always a chuckle! One of Frank’s best running satires.

  2. daveS says:

    Yes, what are the flight logs?
    And the shopping trips in New York?
    Sophie is wealthy in her own right, so she could afford her own shopping flights, but does she? With the nannies (assitants)?

    Is this Imelda Mulroney de Montreal all over again?

    [re: “Just like Alice Cramden on that Honeymooners show beloved by older stock Canadians, I am “Bang, Zoom — over the Moon!””
    And the character was Alice Kramden (played by the more talented Audrey Meadows, of the Meadows sisters, and in the early first seven episodes of The Honeymooners (TV 1951-1955…. 1978) by Pert Kelton.
    And the misquote of “Bang, Zoom…” is a reference to a constant threat of domestic violence in the show–Not good.

  3. Muldoon's NyQuil says:

    The Debbie Downer 1940’s Domestic Violence Report notwithstanding, it is far more disconcertng to me that Ms. Gregoire-Trudeau knows not the diff between THEN and THAN.

    “Even now, when he busier then ever promoting Canada in New York with wondrous exhibitions of feats of strength…”

    A Shawinigan ‘den’ would have sufficed.

    PM caliente-tamale can give me a private Festivus Pole dance anytime!

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