Here’s to Kevin Vickers, Bane of the Irish!

Good to see Kevin Vickers has still got all the right moves.

Did ya see him take down that Irishman? And right there in Ireland! Nerves of steel, as anybody up on their national stereotypes knows all too well.

Granted, the protester wasn’t armed with anything stronger than a snootful of Jameson, but Mr. Vickers reacted like any normal ambassador would when faced with a mad Irishman.

Besides, what if he wasn’t just screamin’ “Shame”?

Who can tell what they’re sayin’ half the time?

It’s a crime against nature to call what they speak English. Could have just as easily been screamin’ “Die, Johnny Canuck! Die!”

Take ’em out first, and ask questions later if ya got nothin’ better to do. They just talk nonsense if ya give ’em a chance, if you can even make heads or tails of it. (“Blarney” is the technical term.)

Anyhow, it’s a great legacy that Mr. Harper leaves behind.

Even now with True-Dough II kickin’ his legs on his daddy’s high chair, I bet ol’ Putin is gonna think twice about stakin’ claim to Churchill Falls if he first has to go through a diplomatic corp of ‘roided up super soldiers.

If we don’t all get blown to hell we’ll know who to thank.

Naturally, the Libbies are doin’ their damnedest to undo all the Harper government’s good works and ass-kickin’, notwithstanding the odd elbow to a tit.

Like, what are we supposed to do now without an Economic Action Plan? Nobody knows.

I guess Justin’s legacy will be pot dispensaries croppin’ up like weeds, not to mention a sweet Mother’s Day gift for Maggie T.

And then there’s the “trans” rights. Time was we called fellas in skirts Scotsmen.

It’s gettin’ like Sodom and Begorrah around here, what with all the assplay and Irishmen.

4 comments on “Here’s to Kevin Vickers, Bane of the Irish!
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Looks like, when it comes to peaceful protesters, Mr. Vickers has torn a page from the Trump playbook,

  2. katana says:

    There’s been peaceful protests around Trump?

  3. rumleyfips says:

    Pretty early in the day to be that drunk wasn’t it.

  4. daveS says:

    Will Vickers be reprimanded? There is the scuttlebutt and that the Liberals have another one of theirs for the soft (yawn) spot of Dublin Ambassador. They put a non-political in London to replace very political layabout B.C. ex-premier Gordon Campbell.
    “Irish export trade with Canada reached CAD$1.7bn. Seventy percent of the exports comprised pharmaceuticals, 10% whiskey, 7% medical devices…” So it’s the Pfizer’s Ringaskiddy factory in Cork that produces Viagra that is much of the trade?