Shurely Schurm Mishtake!

Kinsey Schurm II

Loafers on the Ground: Ontario PC Yout’ Association President Kinsey Schurm girds his tenderloins on the battlefield of, er, Nathan Phillips Square.

5 comments on “Shurely Schurm Mishtake!
  1. merklin muffley says:

    The military wears Ed Grimley pants? Who knew?

  2. merklin muffley says:

    …or Jonathan Winters?/Users/merklinmuffley/Desktop/Unknown-2.jpeg

  3. OJM says:

    What a political prodigy…barely out of the chute and he produces a career-scuttling Dukakis Moment.

    • OJM says:

      Thanks for the correction. (Just off four days bucket-listing across Canuckistan by train…brain still recovering from a Saskatchewan-induced coma.)

  4. Patrick60 says:

    Well, he has the “idiot” part down well, but I don’t know if he’s mastered “useful” yet.

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