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  1. Does Ben love ART? Would it have to go through the Jessica Brownstein Mulroney filter before a sale from Evan’s Velvet Painting Corp?

  2. Ben could use some fashion advice. How does the Mrs. let him out of the house looking like that?

  3. It was the first show Monday 21 August 2016 of the “new” morning CTV’s ‘Your Morning’ show.
    Bill Brioux logged it as:
    “7:49: Evan Solomon sits down with Mulroney to plug Question Period.”

    That is all.

    Though the Brioux account tries to find new words for Mulroney’s bleats as:
    Mulroney lauded…
    ….gushes Mulroney
    Mulroney informs….
    The hosts repeat CBC’s….
    Mulroney plugs….
    Mulroney sticks to serious ….
    Mulroney lightens ….

  4. What a train wreck of a show already. Melissa Grelo and Mulroney Jr. look like they are ready to come to blows over who gets more camera time. Compared to this crew, they make the chubby weather guy on Canada AM seem like Walter Cronkite.

  5. The Gazette’s Steve Faguy (blog.fagstein) called it
    “Overall. The best way to describe Your Morning in one sentence would be “The Social as a morning show.”
    The set design of Your Morning also looks very Social-like. No wood furniture or big soft chairs or paintings on the wall. (Though they are bringing in couches for some interviews.) Instead, a more stark industrial look, with exposed pillars and a big screen behind a glass table.
    Though as Bill Brioux points out, why move into the ground floor of such a historic building if you’re not going to have a window?

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