How Public Broadcasting Works: The Peter Principle



  1. I’m not a Fraser Institute fan and believe that there is a place for national public broadcasters. However, like our country, CBC radio and television are now mere shadows of what they once were. No wonder the ratings have crashed. Good riddance Peterkins. The year long farewell will be gag inducing and I don’t intend to watch a single second. After it’s over watch him to return as a Great Canadian Emeritus for special projects.

  2. Inflation calculator at ‘Poloz`s Bank’
    shows from 1998 to 2016 there was at
    41.03% change in Consumer Price index
    for those 18 years, annual rate 1.93%.
    So the “National Treasure” Mansbridge
    has been exceeding inflation.
    $550,000 x 1.41 = $775,500.
    Viewers have been declining at a greater
    rate, bur unrelated to Inflation rate.

  3. Dear Reym…CBC lists 18 reporters for the National plus Pete. CTV lists 19 plus Leeza. Yeah, Just a Shadow as the song says. The CBC can’t even get the program into the top 30. CTV National is usually around 10. How much will the ratings spike with all that new dough Justine is shovelling to them? I will bet a big fat zero. But pay will improve.

  4. BTW, CTV National has just over 1 million viewers, Global National of all things, with the budget of a hot dog stand , has over 700 k viewers and is number 27. Whoever is helming that these days should be making more than Pete.

  5. The reason I don’t watch CBC TV has nothing to do with Peter Mansbridge etc. It has everything to do with ads. I hate them. Don’t watch CTV or Global either.

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