Sophie’s Blog: “Because it’s 2015” has never been more true than this year!



  1. Thanks Frank. These blogs so tilt at the cartwheels of my mind! All my mind, at least that part in my head.

  2. I’ve just heard about Angelina and Brad. Like everyone else I’m devastated. I feel like the ground below my feet has shifted, that everything I once knew to be solid and dependable, like my Heathkit television, my Pinto, even my Flo-Bee vacuum hair trimmer, was nothing more than an illusion. Gone, all of it gone. But somehow, like millions of others, I will soldier on. Because I know that’s what Angelina and Brad would want me to do. It’s not going to be easy. I may need help. Many of us will. But let’s not let this moment of terrible darkness cast a shadow over the rest of our lives. Be brave, my friends. Be brave.

  3. Now we have a 4000 word profile in the Globe and Mail from Sarah Hampson’s tape recorder to entertain the Saturday crowd.

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