Kellie’s Kanadian Korner: Leitchensraum Shocker!


6 comments on “Kellie’s Kanadian Korner: Leitchensraum Shocker!
  1. daveS says:

    Thank you for choosing the Charlie Chaplin 1940 film “The Great Dictator” to photoshop with Fraulein Leitch. It’s better than reality.
    Now we are all reading Richard Rorty’s 1989 comments in “Achieving Our Country” on liberal democracy and the rise of fascism in America with references to Sinclair Lewis’ book “It Can’t Happen Here” (1935 novel, 1936 play) and other references from Chris Hedges’ “TruthDig”.

    Hmm, isn’t Leitch a German name like Trump?

    Ah well, it won’t matter after the Canadian Anschluß on 13 March.

  2. OJM says:

    Hmmm…”putsch” does rhyme with “butch”…maybe you’re onto something….

  3. daveS says:

    I see that Cory Doctorow, the Canadian Science Fiction author and famed internet blogger is quoting Chaplin’s “Great Dictator” speech in full on the joint blog

  4. Patrick60 says:

    There’s always a quisling waiting in the wings….

    • daveS says:

      … as in Vidkun Quisling (1886-1945), from 1942 to 1945 he served as Minister-President of Norway?

      I would think of the proposed March 13, 1938 referendum in Austria.

  5. daveS says:

    Hmm. Front page caption not repeated on the article page
    ““Tonight, our American cousins threw out the elites and elected Donald Trump as their next president. It’s an exciting message and one that we need delivered in Canada​ as well.””