“Canada: A country severely lacking in genuine political satire”–Michael Coren, Nov. 9, 2016.



  1. Dear Frank,
    What are the economics of publishing “Epiphany: A Christian’s Change of Heart and Mind Over Same-Sex Marriage”?
    Can the publisher make their money back from the sale of this single 245 page book, or is it part of a multi-book contract, maybe Coren is writing to get out of it with Signal press?
    While Amazon.ca gives it only 1 star out of five, there are fluffer blurbs all over.

    “I knew it was Michael Coren,” says Bell, associate priest at the [St. Martin in the Fields, Toronto] well-known church. “He’s not in my circles, but I knew of him, that he had been on Christian TV and how his show was one to avoid. He was combative and very conservative.” in the United Church Obsever in November 2015 which is skeptical in the article (many mentions of Frank magazine), of his recent changes in views and the personal economic costs.
    Being from Ilford, is this like ITV’s “The Only Way Is Essex” renunciation for him?

  2. My theory about all this…for years Coren read in his Bible: “Love thy neighbour as thyself…except if thy neighbour enjoys buggering other dudes”…then one day he realized the last bit was just something the previous owner had scribbled in the margin.

  3. Hilarious! Michael Coren…like his British expat colleague-in-vapid-prose David Brooks, are two yank-lovin’ dipshits who put a lie to the concept of meritocracy in journalism.

  4. What makes satire difficult is the number of public figures who satirize themselves. Who could satirize Coren? In the current environment, Peter Mansbridge is a double-satirist (Bi-satitirist? Meta-satirist? ) in that he satirizes himself and others at the same time.

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