Kellie Leitch by the numbers

56: Percentage of 1,848 Canadians in Abacus Data survey who knew of Kellie Leitch.
6: Percentage of 1,848 Canadians in Abacus Data survey who had a “positive impression” of Kellie Leitch.


  1. Kellie Leitch is not a problem. She’s not famous enough to get away with being an asshole. But Kevin O’Leary? He is a problem.

    • … and fuck me gently with a chainsaw. If Kevin “Bloody” O’Leary wins the CPC leadership race and then unseats Fuddle Duddle Jr. in 2019, then it’s 365 long, alt-right days with two fat, rich, white men at the North American helm. Oye!

      Of all the contenders though, O’Leary has the FHRITP dumbass, jockfan demo all sewn up, he should prevail – the armchair quarterbacks of the world love their TV boxes. All the better to ignore those pussies all around them with which they always seem so obssessed but juuuuust cant seem to crack the code. Try bathing. Some of us are not that fussy if you can spell okay. An O’Leary/Fuddle cage match will be great fun; an entertaining public juxtapose — if there’s any media left by then! Jury’s still out on Leitch’s chances. Pussy that is.

      Neil Degrasse Tyson summed it up best last fall at the UMass-Amherst graduating address:

      “It has become a passtime to blame politicians for the ills of the world. I understand the urge to do that … but at the end of the day, the politician is a representative of an electorate. If you have an issue with politicians it’s because you have an issue with your fellow citizens who put them there.”

      This IS the new era of pop politics. In the non-reading universe of the average voter, Kim Kardashian’s waist size (puppies!) is now of equal import to murdered and missing native women. — I will definitely be in the “undecided” camp right up until the last minute cuz I bought this spatula that doubles as a vibrator. Saw it on Dragon’s Den. O’Leary financed it. Changed my fucking life. So yeah, he deseves a shot. Man’s a genius!

  2. Neil Degrasse Tyson sounds like a neo-liberal with this. It’s really disappointing to hear folks like him denigrate the voter, who had the choice between a human manure spreader and an entitled, vicious warhawk.

    • And it was the voters who gave both of them their parties’ nominations. That’s one of the troubles with democracy: every idiotic and crooked thing ever done by a politician instantly blows back on the rubes who voted for him/her. As the famously corrupt former Mayor of NYC, Jimmy Walker, once said: “The people always get the government they deserve, and it took a hell of a lot of you to elect me.”

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