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  1. Hilarious and well-done as per usual my holy Franklord and Saviour! — I love what Redditor insipid_comment said of the survey: “If these are indeed the questions I’m going to be faced with, I denounce them as touchy-feely garbage!” Ha! To me it read like one of those ‘Know Your Client’ forms the 1%-ers had to sign for the OSC before we sold them a bunch of financial shit, (retirement hopes and dreams shurely! -ed.) they didn’t understand. Pass the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin! I’m laying some Royal Canadian coin down in the Liberal Party Boondoggle Betting Barn!

  2. Double-plus good all round!

    Ina Italia, politico job very temporary witha no pensionio. Hava to talka to Mafia abouta that. Mind you do as they say or they take you down to the river and fit you with concreta shoes. And then they say “we never heard of Mafia before we see Godfather”.

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