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  1. “Opposable thumbs? Who the fuck needs ’em. And, yeah, I got a tail. But even with this paunch on me I can still climb a tree like a sonuvabitch. And as for sex…well, my Secret Service code name ain’t ‘Bonobo’ for nothin’.”

  2. Note the (subliminal) position of Trudeau’s middle finger. The only body part closer to Trump in the frame is Trudeau’s Elbowgate. Neither a beaver nor a lender pee, Justin! #FartcatcherInQueef #AmericasBitch

  3. “Look, Timberlake…it’s either Palin or Scott Baio…only choices on the table…me, I’d go for the MILF…yeah, her face is starting to show her age but she still has a good backside…came to see me last week…secretary shows her in…by the time she sat down I had a hard-on…seriously…although I did pop a shitload of Cialis that morning…anyways, I got to throw that little wop a meatball for endorsing me, but I really didn’t think much of The Karate Kid…so let’s make it the Grizzly Mama…hookay, mon-sewer.”

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