Ezra Derangement Syndrome #150: Nudnik Supreme!

Showtime! With hours to go before deadline, Rebel Obergruppenführer Ezra Levant has finally filed his laugher of an application for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court in the Khurrum Awan defamation debacle (Franks passim).

Awan, readers will recall, sued Levant for defamation for calling him a liar, anti-Semite, etc. In 2014, he won $50,000 in general damages and $30,000 in aggravated damages, plus $70,000 in costs. He got another $15,000 for his costs in defending Ezra’s spectacularly unsuccessful appeal, rejected in December.

That’s $165,000 so far, not counting the billings of Lügenpants’ long-suffering legalist Iain MacKinnon. And now there’s another lawyer banging the file, Scott McLean (Denton’s Canada LLP) on record as Ottawa agent for MacKinnon.

Ez, upon his December defeat, immediately cranked up the waterworks, begging his followers for a $10,000 appeal war chest: “Thanks for your support — for me, and for everyone who believes in free speech, and opposes anti-Semitism and lawfare.”

It could be a very short trip up the courthouse steps, as the Supremes usually require cases they consider to pertain to significant public or legal issues, rather than a garden variety defamation two courts have already exhaustively established.

Levant’s contention, for example, when he called Awan a liar, it was a statement of opinion rather than fact, might seem unworthy of even being laughed out of the high court.

But there’s no quit (‘shame,’ shurely?!–ed.) in our Ezra, and perhaps the learned justices will throw their number one fan a bone, taking into account the little pisher’s long fascination with their tireless efforts to ruin Canada, as evidenced by coverage in his prestigious legal journal, The Rebel. To wit:

No penetration, no problem? Making sense of Canadian Supreme Court’s bestiality ruling

Supreme Court’s mandatory sentencing decision part of its “weak on crime agenda”

Supreme Court’s medical marijuana ruling ticks another item off the progressive agenda All hail our robed masters of the Supreme Court!

Tell the Supreme Court to reinstate mandatory minimums for drug dealers!

“Every radical social change in Canada in the past 30 years has been decided by nine unelected, unaccountable judges”


    • Most North American neo-cons would like to see the scales adjusted more in favour of plaintiffs than defendants. Ezra siding with a liberal point of view?

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