Tonight on “Sex with Tubby,” the Dandy Don Meredith Story!


  1. So good! Truly. Even I had to hop on the old Google Dic! Those costumes will forever remain a timeless metaphor. The Babs & Tubby Show™ circa we don’t give a flying fuck. This was SO spot on. I laughed! I cringed! My thickets have been severely tenebroused! Just the thought of this windbag spewing vaginal euphemisms of any sort whatsoever is enough to put a girl off sex for life!

    Ruth Westheimer is 104.

  2. Why is this illegal alien or if you prefer undocumented worker still in the country? Do we offer citizenship to ancient windbags with no evident means of supporting himself and his spouse?

    • I guess we recognize Persons born in Canada as citizens whether or not we agree with their politics!

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