Jesse Brown on Kevin O’Leary

So seriously, how can the media avoid getting gamed again by cheap hustlers like Kevin O’Leary?…[This] major flaw in the press, one that’s increasingly exploited, isn’t just willful, but also proud…It wasn’t a real campaign. He didn’t want the job. He was never gonna get the job. What he wanted, he got.
–Jesse Brown, Twitter, April 26, 2017.

And the truth is, if I were a Conservative, and I wanted to have somebody in opposition for the next couple years making Trudeau’s life hell, as O’Leary has promised to, O’Leary seems to be the right person. Because O’Leary can fight Justin’s star power with his star power. He’s the right guy to get headlines…I can see why he’s a strong candidate.”
–Jesse Brown, Canadaland, Mar. 2, 2017.



  1. And it’s too late for Mr. Brown to grace the CPC with his leadership skills.
    Maybe next time.

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