Fake Newsman! Phony “Paul Wells” making rounds of CBC news programs

This is the man the devious CBC has recently been trotting out as Maclone’s columnist Paul Wells.  Fool me once, as George W. Bush once said, but we’re not buying into the Corpse’s latest exercise in televisual trumpery.

This is the real Paul Wells, as seen in his latest photo from Speaker’s Spotlight, the agency that handles his extracurricular lip-flappers. It is obvious even to the untrained eye that the genuine Mr. Wells is a much younger and considerably more vibrant man than the doughy deadbeat the CBC, for reasons of its own, has been trying to pass off on a gullible public.  Where will it all end?
5 comments on “Fake Newsman! Phony “Paul Wells” making rounds of CBC news programs
  1. daveS says:

    But the Pranny Wells looks the same without the Dorian Grey picture.
    See frankmag.ca/2016/05/pranny-overboard-paul-wells-to-the-toronto-star/
    and so many numerous other mentions of the bad writer than only editors seems to like.

    His ego means that he missed the weekly Maclones, appearing in print for his senior readers only once-a-month in the print editions. They are blessed.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    I imagine organizations that booked reeling back in horror when his XXL head rises above the podium. Sometimes Photoshop does more harm than good.

  3. wolfkir says:

    Am I supposed to care about Paul Wells, real or fake, as the case may be?

  4. OJM says:

    Where will it all end? With an on-screen “Scanners”-type head explosion, one hopes.

    • daveS says:

      Isn’t that Wells’ head deflating in the photo acompanying FrankMags’ “Pranny Overboard! Paul Wells to the Toronto Star”?
      [Use the search device in the upper right-hand corner of each e-Frank page.]

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