Wankers Aweigh: The Andrew Chang Thang

With an ego the size of Mount Robson, CBC newsthingy Andrew Chang will fit right in as co-host of The National.

After all, the pint-sized preener follows in the Guccis of Peter Mansbingo, outgoing Corpse hog caller and Giant of Journalism™, whose disdain for subalterns was legendary. For years, CBC promoted Mansbingo as its “Chief Correspondent,” despite the fact he never once broke a story. Likewise, Chang’s exalted role with Corpse news owes little to his talents as a reporter, but rather his skills as a rip ‘n reader and his sky high Q-Ratings.

Those numbers endeared him to CBC news supremo Jennifer McGuire and Chang this week joined Rosie Barton, Adrienne Arsenault and Ian Hanomansing as the Corpse’s new national meat puppets.

In Vancouver, where Chang will read the prompter for the nightly news, he’s rated an ambitious prat. When he arrived from CBC Montreal three years ago, Chang promptly sent an admonitory email instructing colleagues—with vastly more experience–on the correct, Changian method for shooting live spots.

Colleagues who have had the misfortune to engage the short-arsed egomaniac soon discover his favourite topic is, er, himself; never the news stories, and never anyone else’s opinion.

Beware short men in lifts.


  1. The watchers rating of local CBC Vancouver news from the time he joined didn’t budge from 100,000 which is miniscule in the Vancouver market where the privates get a million or more. Were the mouth-breathers even watching the show?
    He pushed out 25-year veteran Gloria Macarenko from the news anchor chair and many don’t forgive him.
    Hair and teeth are not the only requirements for a news anchor.
    Harvey Oberfeld, former tenacious reporter in Vancouver called him ‘lightweight’ in his blog.

    Of course the strange 4 anchor announcement was met with derision, including: “CBC splits single white man’s salary between two women, two minorities”

  2. This looks to me like a meta-broadcast version of “Survivor”. In a
    few months at least one of them will want to spend more time with his/her family.
    Eventually it will pare down to 1 man / 1 woman. Yes, Chang may well be the first
    to be booted off the island.

  3. CBC cheerleader the Globe and Mail repeats the CBC lying spin about ratings without comment. CTV National pulls over a million and is number 8 in the latest Numeris ratings. Global News is 19. CBC nowhere to found in the top 30. The CBC number includes all platforms and Gawd konows how they, not Numeris ,come up with it. But the Globe plays right along.

  4. It takes four junior bingo-callers to replace one slaphead PA announcer? And you know how this ends: faster than you can say “Earl Camembert” the whole dumbass idea blows up like a bunker-buster, CBC execs issue a weaselly tua culpa calling it “an innovative approach ahead of its time”…and then bring in yet another middle-aged WASP dude who reminds people of their high school principal.

  5. My bet is that Chang survives to become top prat. Just as they get rid of Mansbridge.
    He’s a survivor.

  6. Why is this item coming to fore?
    Andrew Chang doesn’t read local Vancouver news anymore, having been replaced by yet another over-the-hill CTV bingo caller Mike Killeen.
    He is still in Vancouver being part of the four-headed National Newsreader Gorgon.

    And he was mentioned as being in attendance at this week’s (Dec. 7) Food Bank Friday–Open House at CBC’s echoing barn-like headquarters on Robson Street:

    “Also on hand will be the National’s Andrew Chang and Ian Hanomansing; Go Public’s Erica Johnson; CBC Radio hosts Stephen Quinn, Michelle Eliot, and Gloria Macarenko; and CBC Kids’ Daniel Tiger and Chirp”

  7. Andrew did the show solo on Sunday 4 August 2019. Youtube 11,838 views

    It’s summer and many are away. Hanomansing and Deadeye Barton did the Monday 05 August 2019 holiday (in some parts of Canada) show with no Andrew Chang. 1605 on Youtube by 11:42 PM EDT

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