Did You See Through That Hijab Cutter’s Tall Tale From The Get Go? #MeToo!

If you’re like most idiots these days, the fake news got ya worked up to set about lynchin’ some maniac paleface who was makin’ bacon strips outta some poor Mohammedan’s hair doily.

Good thing for him he was imaginary, because turns out the story was made up out of whole cloth. To be specific, the very whole cloth atop our little friend’s head!

So it was all just a whopper, provin’ once an’ fer all there’s no such thing as racism in Canada.

What a time to be alive!

I don’t know how old she is, but even if she’s just old enough to have been a child bride of the Prophet then she should know it’s a sin to tell a lie. Even here in the land of snow an’ infidels.

But don’t get me wrong, much as ya might like to. The last thing I wanna do is discourage young Muslim gals from attackin’ their own headscarves.

Heck, we oughta act like Quebec for once and teach it in schools!

Let ’em run with scissors even if they like, it’s a free country. Unlike the bunghole country they might not have, but probably did, come from.

As I see it, cuttin’ up yer dumb hijab is a woman’s rights issue. Maybe even the most pressin’ one of our time. It’s fer sure one I can finally get behind!

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on what women like – who is?! – but I know what they don’t like, an’ that’s havin’ their hair covered. Except in a Canadian winter. Then all bets are off.

Just imagine if all the Muslim ladies rose up an’ let their hair down. Hell, that would probably mean one less argument against immigration, which of course would be a downside, but I’d be ready to risk it.

So how ’bout it, Muslim ladies? When your day of liberation and public groomin’ is at hand, you’ll find an ally in yer foxhole name of Dick!


One comment on “Did You See Through That Hijab Cutter’s Tall Tale From The Get Go? #MeToo!
  1. Stephen says:

    Big finish. Made me laugh.