#MeTVO?! The Trials of Saint Steve

Of all the allegations of sexual misconduct against Canadian stickmen, the most preposterous so far has involved Steve Paikin.

Albert Schultz? Patrick Brown? Rick Dykstra? Say no more!

But Steve Paikin? The Dudley Do-Right of Canadian Politics? The Guy who Put the Squeak into Sisman Scampers? Shurely shome mishtake!?

Fortunately for Steve, claims of hanky-spanky against him were easy to dismiss, since they came from loopy Sarah Thomson, the former Toronto mayoralty candidate, who alleged that during a lunch meeting with Saint Stephen in 2010, he propositioned her:

“Not five minutes into the lunch the host asked me if I would sleep with him (in exchange for airtime on his show, The Agenda.)”

Thomson’s allegations were immediately rubbished by the Toronto media, among them Globe and Minion exemplar, André Picard, and even Ezra Levant:

“Regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, anyone who has ever met Mr. Paikin would have an easier time believing that the world is flat than buying Thomson’s allegations.” (To which one Ezra follower commented: “The earth is flat but I believe he is innocent.!!” Feb. 10, 2018.)

Paikin lashed back on FaceBook: “You’ve defamed me Sarah. I have no idea why, but you have. And I simply can’t allow that to stand.”  Paikin is said to be pondering his legal options (egged on, of course, by his image consultant chums at Navigator.)

Not so fast, Steve.

Here at Frankland Capital Corp., we’re hearing rumours about a second woman, who has reportedly told the Globe about her experience with Paikin three years ago, one that sounds a lot like Thomson’s account.

In the event, the woman, a former reporter with a Toronto daily, was invited by Paikin to join him for dinner. She’d been a semi-regular on The Agenda and here was an opportunity for Steve to discuss her future with his show.

Alas, as the evening wore on, it became clear that further invites on the show would be in direct proportion to the woman’s willingness to get a legover with Paikin.

She refused his proposition and her appearances soon dried up.

Apparently the Globe is looking for other women who may have been asked by Steve to join in Paikin Whoopee (yer fired!—ed.)

But don’t bet on any story seeing the light of day. It’s one thing for the Toronto media mob to  happily lynch Patrick Brown, but Paikin’s another matter. They’re in lockstep behind their boy, so beware anyone who might tarnish his crown.


8 comments on “#MeTVO?! The Trials of Saint Steve
  1. OJM says:

    Hazel McCallion, yes?

  2. Trippetta says:

    Paikin and Brown both deserve due process. Multiple allegations can simply mean that people are jumping on a band wagon for spite, drama or gain, and shouldn’t in themselves be enough to destroy someone’s reputation and career. #MeToo really is becoming a witch hunt.

    • Colonel Grey Poupon says:

      Paddy Brown is getting exactly what he deserves. So what if the allegations are a little rusty trombone on the exact deets. The essence is more than there. The stories have looooong been there. He’s a cock-pig. And he peddled influence… for effluence. All else is political theatre. His made-up career is burnt toast. He’ll be disappeared as a footnote embarrassment to the party. He should have taken a page from Rumsfeld’s Rules of Order and brushed up a little on his known unknowns. — And that weird voice. He’s like every other touchy, handy, creepy, whiny, elflord begging for a blowjob — that wouldnt get a second glance without an expense account — by the type of woman impressed by such imbecility.

      A round of Shirley’s Temples for the house!

    • daejevoos says:

      I agree. Well said!

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Power corrupts, and too many men think with their cocks, even as the #Metoomuch backlash gathers steam.

  4. katana says:

    A Shakespeare fan?

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