Do Not Call India A Subcontinent, It Is So Much More


  1. For people of a certain age, this will always be the Diana Spencer marriage meltdown bench. — And what a sin! Corrupting that child with his horrific straight-leg pant sensibilities. Paging Jess Muldoon. Please save this butter chicken train-wreck. Oh yes!

  2. So Miss Gregoire-Trudeau, how much room in the Rideau Cottage for the various “costumes” you bought (you have receipts?? for Canada Customs?) in India for Justin and the Children and yourself?
    Will you be visiting the Sareee Shop, the Nayaab Boutique or the Goel shop, etc. etc. in Ottawa for your new daily wear for yourself, the children and Justin?

    • The Tronna Tsar fashion notes, not mentioning Jessica Brownstein Mulroney at all, said
      “Grégoire Trudeau wore a pearl-and-cream-coloured
      sari dress made by a Brampton designer,
      and the prime minister showed off a silken,
      gold-coloured sherwani, a long coat top with embroidery.”

      Now we know. 🙂

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