Warren Kinsella v. The Actual Warren Kinsella

“I worked for a Prime Minister.  The job description is vast.  The responsibilities are endless.  But right at the very top of the list is this: to give comfort to the afflicted.  To console the grieving.  To soothe the fearful.  To give hope and help a wounded city get through it all.”
–Warren Kinsella, Aug. 6, 2018.

Kinsella never worked for a prime minister. He was briefly chief of staff to Dave Dingwall, former Public Works minister in Jean Crouton government. He worked in Crouton’s OLO.
–Source: Reality.


  1. I frankly don’t see the basis of this bit? That Warren Kinsella isn’t a handsome fella: not enough to be married to his lovely wife. That’s one possibility. The second is whether these career reinventions are panning out. His entire career is a reinvention. It is definitely the hot wife. It always boils down to jealousy.

    • Oh please. Reinvention? More like grasping at the greasy rungs of a collapsing career ladder in free fall. Can’t stand this fabrication specialist / poser. He just makes shit up. And can’t tell the diff. What next? A man bun? — and WHO would be jealous of his wife? She is Walmart sartorial mutton dressed as lamb in her heavily photoshopped er.. photos. Emaciated praying mantis that needs a kobe beef sandwich. Can YOU imagine having to listen to his music on top of all that? No wonder she looks so hungry. Her soul is starving.

  2. Notice the first word is ‘I’ even though the story is notionally about the Danforth tragedy. It’s always about Wornout.

    One has to wonder if a refusal to hire the boy has set off his anti Trudeau sillyness.

  3. I appreciate that Kinsella responds so predictably to provocation. When he blogged about you I knew there must me a new Frank item about him to read.

    And when I say predictable, that’s no exaggeration. He might as well just cut and paste the dirt he throws in his attacks on his enemies. But I guess re-writing them fills up some time in his day. Does Daisy even have clients anymore?

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