Our Cop$ are Top$: Ixnay on the Uday

Explosive allegations face one of Ottawa’s top cops
Seems the Ottawa Police Services Board knew of many of the allegations against [Deputy Chief Uday] Jaswal before they hired him.
An email sent to the entire police board during the hiring process last summer made claims of abusive leadership and inappropriate activities with female members of the Durham Regional Police Service. Board members dismissed the concerns and hired Jaswal anyway.
Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun, May 25, 2019.

Uday Jaswal deputy-doggin’?
It was no doubt some of this misdirected ill will that explains an anonymous poison-pixel email sent to members of Ottawa’s police services board ahead of Jaswal’s hiring. Among its more outrageous suggestions was that a video exists of Jaswal “attempting to seduce” Sgt. Whiteway at the Brooklin Pub in Whitby: “He purchases her alcoholic drinks, while he consumes his own to excess, and dances with her. This video ends with Deputy Jaswal staggering out of the bar by himself.”
Frank, Nov. 7, 2018.

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  1. Missed that “attmepted seduction” at the time. I trust it’s not a transferable skill. Would be a real shambles if attempted seduction skills were applied to leadership.

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